Customised Triangle Shape Black Body Linear Pendant Light

✅This Modern Hanging Triangle Lighting Fixtures comes with sleek and minimalist lighting fixtures that add a modern touch to your home & office decor. The matt black aluminum body is treated by a sandblasting process which makes the paint strong and wear-resistant.
✅This 36 watt hanging profile light comes with inbuilt LED light and driver that's gives you a Cool white light effect to fullfill the requirement of light in your commercial and residential projects.
✅This 2 feet LED hanging profile light fixture
✅This is a attractive & eye catching modern LED hanging light fixture which is ideal for recreation rooms or any area where you would like to add an extra pinch of excitment
✅The installation process of this hanging profile light is super easy & quick to set up, first all the required mounting hardware (2 cord and 2 metal knobs)included. Connect the wires and drill the knob with the help of screws in the ceiling. Suspend the hanging profile light by putting the cords