Profile lights

Profile Lights are also popularly known as Linear Lights. Linear lights are one of the best options, we have in the market for corporate lighting / Office spaces / Showrooms.

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Hanging Profile lights are the most trending, cost-efficient, and long-lasting products. Profile lights come in 3 different sizes:
✅ 4 Feet Profile Light / Linear Light has a light output of 38 Watt
✅ 6 Feet Profile Light / Linear Light has a light output of 54 Watt
✅ 8 Feet Profile Light / Linear Light has a light output of 72 Watt  

Profile lights also allow you to choose among options like White Body/ Black Body,  light output temperature -3000K/ 4000K/ 6500K. Light output temperature is also addressed as Warm White(Yellowish Light), Neutral White(Day Light), Cool White(White Light) 

However, the choice amongst any of the above parameters, other than size, does not impact the cost. To understand, the choice among various color temperature you may refer to our video:

All the products available on the website can be customized and comes with a 2-year warranty. The height of the fixture is 70mm, light output area is 50mm. The product comes with an inbuilt power supply which makes it easy to install

Special Feature Energy Efficient
Light Type LED
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Wattage 38 Watts
Light Colour Neutral White
Brand Acco LED
Style White
Light Source Wattage 38 Watts
Included Components Bulb

About this item

☑️ Light Output- Neutral White

☑️ Adjustable hanging wire

☑️ Perfect for office or residence

☑️ Warranty Period- 1 year

☑️ Light Wattage- 38 Watt

☑️ Easy to Clean

☑️ Easy to install

☑️ It offers clean and superior ultra-bright cool white light with a wide-angle throw of light

☑️ Safe to Use

☑️ Electricity efficient