Magnetic Lights

Magnetic Light - A premium track product with Electrified magnet of 48 Volts

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Magnetic Lights commonly asked questions:

In simple words, magnetic lights can be considered as a premium track product  which has an electrified magnet of 48 Volts(which is considered to be safe for human touch). The popularity of magnetic product has come because of various factor. Let us cover the same in the article below:

Flexibility: Acco LED Magnetic led lights gives you an option to to install various fixtures like Spot lights, linear lights movable spot light in a single track, which gives the user a flexibility to install, remove or move the magnetic fixture at an ease of their touch.

Premium Look: Another reason that is contributing to the popularity of magnetic led lights is the look it adds to your place. It is simply a product that is value for your ceiling.

Options: We usually encounter questions from our clients whether their ceiling is apt for the use of magnetic track light. Is it mandatory to have a false ceiling or POP done to install magnetic LED light? The good news is that magnetic track lights can be installed in all possible.

Acco LED Magnetic track lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs to suit different aesthetic preferences and interior designs. You can choose from a range of options, including spotlights, pendant lights, or decorative fixtures, to complement your space and enhance its visual appeal.