Concrete Led Lights

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When it comes to stone materials, concrete has long been used in the world of architecture and design. Acco Led brings their  “Concrete Led Lighting Fixtures' ' as an offering to take you and your space one step close to basic and nature. Architecture strongly advocates that Industrial to the eye, organic to the touch, mix a little concrete into a project can bring a strong, sturdy, matte touch to your place. Concrete Led Lighting fixtures is one of those materials that can take on a new life when paired properly. A composite material made from a variety of stones, concrete can actually appear quite soft with warm lights, warm metals and natural woods. 

Our advanced range of concrete fixtures is developed with the latest technology keeping in mind weight management, ease of transport and reduced dependency of mold so that we can offer  to our client a wide range to choose from. It also empowers our clients to experiment with different shapes at their workplace. Often associated with urban lofts and industrial spaces, concrete can actually appear quite warm when paired with warmer metals like bronze, brass or copper. Add lighting and organic elements - like wood or plants - and you can create an inviting, contemporary space with textural appeal. Connect with team Acco Led to add that minimalist WABI-SABI vibe to your place!